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5 Steps to Practicing Positivity

 Find a quiet room

If you prefer outside that’s fine too. Wear comfy clothes and make sure you are comfortable and not distracted. For the ideal relaxing experience, light a candle, incense or use an aromatherapy diffuser with essential oils preferably rose, frankincense, or lavender.

Sit with your legs crossed

Getting comfortable is the idea. If you are sitting, be careful not to slouch as this prevents proper breathing or if you choose to lay down lay completely flat.

Next, close your eyes and smile

While your eyes are closed and you’re smiling think about every positive thought imaginable even if it’s a happy scene from a movie. Just start to purge your mind with positive thoughts while taking short deep breaths.

Then take another deep breath

Then speak whatever positive thought you have then exhale. Here is an example; Inhale deeply then say “I just passed my finals,” then exhale. It may feel uncomfortable because you’re kind of speaking while you’re inhaling if it is, just say it in your mind. I’m pretty sure you will still get the same results.

Repeat a few times while your eyes are closed

Ten minutes should be long enough for this entire process but the duration is up to you. Practicing positive reinforcement combined with meditation every day can make a big difference. Breathing a couple of deep breaths alone can be a victory by itself.

5 Steps to Practicing Positivity
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