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To be successful period you must….


To be successful, this is quite helpful, here’s how to do it; write a short bio about yourself currently what you do, where you live, what you’ve accomplished thus far, etc etc. If you find that there’s nothing you need to add to it..well…I guess you’ve reached your goals and well… that will be the bio written in your obituary. I must say I have seen some very sad obituaries in my time too. If you are happy with your bio, then that’s great if not well ask yourself what do you need to accomplish for you to be satisfied with it? Writing your bio allows you to clearly see your opportunities and room for improvement and what better way to view them than on paper? Write your bio as this will be your legacy, what is your legacy?


Successful people have something to offer, it’s not who they know but who knows them. They have applied themselves and are well deserving of what they get in return. Valuable people earn trust.

Also, valuable people of course, set realistic goals and a realistic goal will provoke change that you will naturally begin to embrace. What people often do wrong is they fail to see that maybe the purpose of pursuing their particular goal was to actually prepare them for something better. Possibly something more suited for them something to make them more valuable. The fact that your goal is changing you is a success in itself, do not lose sight of that don’t lose sight of your value.


Please DO! This is also the most obvious. Read everything that interests you whatever it is. It doesn’t have to be all business and economic related although those are essential, it can be a novel or

fiction just read! My personal favorites range from “The Alchemist,” “The 4 hour work week,” to a random celebrity novel. Successful people are usually curious people and reading is often what curious people do. Also limit social media. When I would wake up in the morning the first thing I would do is automatically check my notifications and scroll through Instagram. I started to notice this was becoming toxic setting my mood before I started my day and before I went to bed. Social media can sometimes be a distraction and complete waste of time, and wasting time is something successful people don’t like doing.


In my opinion, this is probably the number one thing a person should be doing. Your spiritual health is just as important as your physical health if not more important. There are people who are successful, billionaires even who may not have ever said a prayer in their lives and think meditation may be a waste of time. However, this sort of arrogance will only hold up for so long, it simply isn’t meant to last humans don’t even last. Meditation and prayer are important training for the mind and your overall well-being. It’s important to practice this daily so when something happens, because it will you will be far more prepared than you would if you relied solely on your money, status, and other worldly things.


Yep good ol healthy eating, fruits, veggies, exercise you know the drill.
Oh and don’t forget sleep! Your success depends on it.  I wrote an article a while back on training the mind and food and

exercise were definitely a huge factor in brain training.
Forfeiting sleep is also not a smart idea either as sleep recharges your brain and body. Also, what you do right before you go to bed is important like reading a book versus scrolling through Instagram for an hour. Moreover, not making your health a priority, lack of sleep and exercise, can have an adverse effect on your health, your mind, and well, your life. For most people, their careers are one of the most important aspects of their lives and ultimately what allows you to live the lifestyle you want. Imagine not being able to meet deadlines because you’re always sick. The sorrow card can only work for so long, they will fire you.


Please be positive and always show gratitude. Successful people do this one well as most of them remember how far they came and how long it took them to get to where they are. Successful people, for the most part, are not negative people you don’t become successful by being negative. Also, stop complaining. I mentioned in a previous article of how complaining can be very toxic and is a result of a negative mindset. Complaining is poisonous and can keep you caught in a cycle of fixing things you don’t need to.


Yep, this is a hard one at least for me. It’s hard to keep organized when there are multiple deadlines, errands to run, pointless meetings, booking flights, etc etc. With that said, practicing time management is really what you need to do to be organized. I can count on one hand how many people I’ve known that have ever been good at this. However, there is hope with today’s technology that makes time management a breeze.  A great idea also is to set a timer to time how long you are taking on task. I’ve done this and it really does increase productivity! Be patient and know that consistency is a skill in itself that takes time to develop and being successful depends on you staying consistent.


Humility is something that most people have that don’t have anything else. You are not bigger than life and can be reminded of that in a way I’m sure you wouldn’t like to be reminded.  Most people that think this way indeed fall the hardest.

A quote that I’ve heard from time to time from my older now deceased uncle was “it’s important to have a rich man’s mindset but a poor man’s demeanor.” With a strong Mississippi accent and distinct southern grammar, it wasn’t worded quite like that but I got the gist of what he was trying to say and understood exactly what he meant. I wouldn’t say adopt the poor man’s demeanor entirely you still want people to take you seriously but still see that you’re down to earth and approachable. If you stay humble you’re less likely to burn bridges.


To be successful period you must….
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