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Add this to your conditioner!

Why Honey, Coconut Oil, and olive oil?


Coconut oil is a must in just about every hair regime regardless of hair type. It is known to aid in the re-growth of damaged hair because it is rich in proteins that provide nourishment which is especially necessary for unhealthy hair or hair heavily treated with chemicals eg; color treated, color damaged, or hair damaged by a relaxer.

Honey is great for retaining moisture and is a natural humectant which attracts moisture to dry strands and is particularly helpful to people living in humid climates. Essentially, it keeps hair from getting frizzy.

Olive Oil  I have been using this since I was a little girl as the go-to for sealing moisture. So super easy to penetrate the hair shaft due to its light nature and essential for fighting dandruff. It is especially effective when warmed up or used as a hot oil treatment.

Please note; This conditioner concoction is mostly for thicker coarse or curly hair textures so this may not work for everyone

The Concoction

1.Two tablespoons of honey

2.  Two tablespoons of olive oil

3. 1 scoop of pure unrefined coconut oil

4.Plastic cap and hair dryer or one of these

conditioning cap
microwavable deep conditioning cap


Mix ingredients together

Hope you try it and Love It! 

Add this to your conditioner!
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