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You mean this can prevent cancer???

Love this stuff. E3live is very potent and nourishes your body at a cellular level. Get yourself a hold of some of this stuff and drink it every day if you can. E 3live (AFA-blue-green algae) has a very long list of benefits including increase in memory and could possibly prevent cancer.

High Protein Potency

AFA (Aphanizomenon flos-aquae ) blue-green algae is the structure of e3live containing more protein and chlorophyll than any other food source. It is the oldest form of protein on the planet so you can just imagine its effect on muscle building. Some well-known athletes give major credit to e3live One athlete quotes, “After only two weeks in training, I was seeing time improvements that would normally take me two months to achieve.”

Increases Focus

The increase in focus and awareness is so high that most athletes swear by e3live. Professional surfer Pancho Sullivan relies on e3live to keep him afloat.”I’ve experienced a tremendous increase in my mental quickness since I added E3 to my training regimen.” It has been known for centuries the positive effects this ancient form of algae has on brain functions and it is even one of the main ingredients in ADHD medication.

Helps Cure Depression 

This particular type of algae has an impressive amino acid profile about 22 amino acids and 8 that are essential. If you are not receiving the right amounts then you can face severe issues such moodiness, poor mental performance, and depression. Blue-green algae also contains a molecule called PEA known as the “love molecule” because of its ability to elevate your mood and alleviates depression.

  Helps Prevent Cancer

E3live a natural cancer fighter particularly precancerous mouth sores. It is also abundant in free-radical scavenging antioxidants which are essential in preventing cancer and comes highly recommended for cancer survivors to keep them cancer-free.  E3live is also known to work very well with cancer-fighting cells, and might be the only substance known to stimulate these cells potentially preventing cancer.

Enhances immune system   

With its high chlorophyll content and abundance of amino acids and beta-carotene, e3live turns your immune system into a powerhouse. This is definitely not surprising giving the extensive list of benefits e3live has.

Increases memory

Yes it does this too! E3live increases your brain’s performance on a multitude of levels increasing focus, clarity, awareness, and of course memory would be included.  It is also categorized in the market as “brain food” and can be taken in pill form.

Increases Energy 

E3live is a powerhouse for energy packed with just the right amount of carbs and nutrients to give you the ultimate boost. It is traditionally used as a natural energy booster and commonly added to smoothies as another way to give you the boost you need in the morning.

Do some research, try it for yourself, and spread the word about this amazing resource!

Peace and Love

You mean this can prevent cancer???
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