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Sweet Jesus Flavors

Hey lovely people!  Have you ever heard of Sweet Jesus??!  If you ever visit Toronto be sure to check them out. I am a huge foodie and love to restaurant hop and Toronto is the best places to do that! They even have full fledge desert restaurants which could be bad business lol but there’s something for everyone here. Sweet Jesus is one of my favorite ice cream shops that features some of the most creative concoctions I’ve ever seen.


My favorite is the bangin brownie cone! Brownie bits matted on with chocolate and caramel originally made with chocolate ice cream but I like mines made with vanilla instead.

This pic doesn’t do it much justice

Bangin Brownie Sundae


If you thought it couldn’t get any better, they also make cakes too!  😛

If you plan on visiting Toronto definitely hit up Sweet Jesus

If you live here and haven’t had it, should be ashamed of yourself!

Cheat Day!
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