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Workout accessories I wish I’d thought of

Who comes up with this stuff? AND why am I just not seeing this?

An all in one water bottle by Zulily 

No more scrambling trying to find lockers in an overcrowded locker room. I’ve had plenty of days on walks and at the gym when this would have made life so much easier! This is especially helpful in the summertime when you don’t need a coat and no need for a locker.

Now this is I love! Unique and practical stick on shoes brought you by Nakefit a company from Italy that broke ground on Kickstarter with over 6,000 backers. Can be used for running and probably very useful when doing yoga.


I also love these no-slip yoga socks. Every time I try to find some online they are always sold out!  😥

What would be your must have work out gear?? 😀

Workout accessories I wish I’d thought of
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