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Best places to go on a girls trip!

                 South Beach Miami

Ocean Drive

There is no question that Miami is without one of the sexiest and best places to turn up for a girls trip! The only place on the list besides the resorts where you can frolic around in a bikini and cover up  😛  Its always something going on, if it’s not the beach, its the ocean drive strip, senior frogs, shopping, or a day party at a trendy pool bar. Miami is also very culturally diverse so if you got a nice group with you might not be a bad idea to do a culinary tour. Miami is hands down one of the top places on this list and the best part is the sun and the beach follows you everywhere. So grab your girls, your cover up, and turn up 😉

                    New Orleans

Bourbon Street
Girls trip movie

Have you seen the movie girls trip??! If you haven’t shame on you! lol if you have then you already know what time it is! New Orleans is always a good time, never a dull moment, and a nonstop party in its own right. Also, it’s not just bourbon street there’s the swamp tours, riverboat cruises, food tours, and ghost tours. You will most likely be guided by a man with a thick creole french accent and trust me you won’t be able to understand a word that man is saying 😐 but you will enjoy yourselves.


Buckhead Diner-Comfort food and cocktails


Of course Atlanta is on the list!

Atlanta is always a go-to for a girls trip because you have luxury, fun and affordability at the same time. Additionally, Atlanta is one of those places where you don’t necessarily need to get beautified before you go there.  I highly recommend getting there at a decent time and dedicating a day where you all get your, hair, nails, makeup and shopping done while you’re there. Atlanta is known for hair and makeup so this might be an exception to.

                      Napa Valley

The Meritage Resort and spa

Now, this one is not a turn-up type of trip but more of a relaxing kind of a girls trip. If you like wine, spas, nice weather, and nature then this is the place. With currently about 400 wineries, Napa Valley is probably the most popular place in California for wine tasting. A lot of people get married here and a lot of bachelorette wine excursions are done here too. Napa Vally has some of the rarest wine around and the place is stunning. Keep this one in mind if relaxation and taking beautiful pictures is important to you.

            Rivera Maya

 Rivera Maya
ATV Excursion
Ocean Maya Royale Resort

Most people usually go to Cancun but we opted for Rivera Maya instead. My whole perspective of Mexico changed I mean it was so much fun! We went to downtown Playa de Carmen where all of the clubs which were mostly outdoors were and there was an abundance of shopping too. It was a bit touristy but most resorts are. Rivera Maya must be a popular place for a girls trip because there were a lot of other girl groups with the same idea, the excursions were especially fun and as you would expect in Mexico, the drinks were on point 😉


December 2010
BodyGoalsMel B-Peep Show

This one is the most obvious one but I couldn’t leave it out. Vegas pretty much suits any occasion any time of year. I remember going there in the dead of winter and still had an absolute blast. You need to check out Tao which is an Asian themed nightclub or just do a club crawl which includes drinks, no lines, and no cover charges for a flat fee. The other thing I wish we did was to actually go see some shows. I hear that O by Cirque du Soleil is a must see if you’re looking for a cirque du Soleil event or even you’re looking for something sexier Vegas is known for burlesque shows.

                       Montego Bay

Riu Montego Bay Show
The Bob Marley Signature Jamaican drink

Jamaica is always a winner in my book. Between the culture, the food, drinks, and the affordability Jamaica is always a hard one for me to pass up. Last girl’s trip we went to Montego Bay a few years back and it was a teaser because we only stayed for 4 days. Jamaica was soooo much fun off the resort clubs and bars were within walking distance. The clubs split/outdoor played really good music-real authentic dancehall music but stay close because the men here can get a bit grabby 😈 as the case for most Carribean men lol.

                        Los Angeles

Hollywood Blvd
The Conga Room

Yes, I can definitely see me and my girls tearin up LA again! The last time I went there was for a wedding and was there long enough to experience the city and nightlife and long enough to know I gotta plan another trip back there. Los Angeles is of course known for a star-studded nightlife where you’re sure to run into a celebrity or two. However, if you plan on going there plan accordingly-LA is not cheap. You can go anywhere in the world on a budget but its not recommended that you go there penny-pinching. Definitely set a good amount of cash to the side to experience it the way it’s meant to be experienced.


Her Majesty’s pleasure

This one may come as a surprise to a lot of people because most people don’t really know about Toronto and not the first place you think of for a girl’s trip. Toronto is kinda like a mini New York very multicultural, an abundance of entertainment, but safer, cleaner and cheaper. Besides that, there are also a lot of cute girly restaurants and cafe’s themed for a girls night out like Her Majesty’s Pleasure  a salon and spa with a bar! Mani and pedi’s while you sip martinis and champagne Yummy :P. I also can’t talk about Toronto without mentioning the annual Caribana festival, the most popular Caribbean festival in the city. Oh and its definitely best to go there in the summer and enjoy all the rooftop bars, patio parties, and amazing food. There is so much to say about this lovely city, there is a reason I’ve been coming here for over ten years.


Did I miss anything?  😈

Best places to go on a girls trip!
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