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Why I started my own blog

A writer is a writer….

I never really had the desire to write professionally the blog idea kinda just came naturally after writing for over ten years. Most people who are close to me know that I’ve always wanted to be a songwriter hands down! If I was granted one wish it wouldn’t be money it would be for me to land a writing contract with a big record company. Writing is just very natural to me and comes out in many forms. A writer is a writer, right?

Privacy is everything…right?

I’ve gotten better over the years and going to grad school where a large part of the program involved writing and content creation had a lot to do with cultivating it. However, as for blogging, it does scare me a little because I’ve always been an incredibly private person and when you blog you pretty much are putting yourself out there. I never thought about that until I started this and realized “Oh I think I might want people to read this.” lol 😀 I also like to help people by giving them information that can add to their lives. Essentially I want to add to a person’s life.


Let me share a moment with you if you don’t mind….

I was in bible study one Wednesday evening and an older gentleman was sitting next to me. I had seen him around and he would always just nod and smile at me but we didn’t know each other. “Are you a writer?” He asked. “I’m sorry?” I said wanting him to repeat. “Are you a writer, are you writing something?” Again this man knew nothing about me especially a very private detail like that. I won’t even go into the details of how he knew I was a writer… I’ll let you figure that out on your own 🙂



Why I started my own blog
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