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Signs a friendship has ran its course

                They stop checking on you

In a friendship, if you become the primary person checking in on them instead of them checking on you, that’s a problem. However, in any type of relationship, it takes dedication on both ends. Let a nice amount of time go by let’s say about a month and you still haven’t heard from them, then that’s not a good sign. Especially if you were once closer and you talked on a regular basis. Don’t let too much time pass that’s a friendship and a relationship killer.

               They become offended easily

This is a big one for me and the most uncomfortable. Good friends should be able to laugh and joke with each other and should never take things too personal. When you start having to constantly check to see if you are offending each other that’s a bad sign. This pretty much means they you are no longer comfortable with each other because the only thing fixing discomfort is time. A surefire sign there’s trouble in this friendship.

They start reluctantly inviting you to places


I swear the whole invite uninvite thing is just tired, it’s truly a slap in the face. This means either one or two things; you either embarrassed by me or you don’t really care much for my company anymore in which the latter issue is the worst. If you don’t want me there then just don’t waste your breath asking me. I’m over the whole I’m just asking you to be nice kinda thing. Trust me you’re not gonna hurt my feelings honey, keep it 100 all day every day.

No longer emotionally invested in each other

I don’t know about you but I can tell when I’ve just become an associate or a number. It becomes pretty clear when you’ve invited me to your event just to increase your body count. When they always feel neutral whether you show up to something or not then something’s not right.

You are not interested in acknowledging or resolving your issues 

You both know you have problems with each other and that you both aren’t really close anymore, and there’s always an elephant in the room that neither one of you ever acknowledges not even in a joking manner. Whether it’s money you owe or something you said, if no one even cares enough to acknowledge it then that’s definitely a sign.

They stop being honest

If they don’t tell you that you have toilet paper on the bottom of your shoe then BYE! That’s the last straw. I don’t have time for anybody who doesn’t have my back. It’s definitely time to move on.

Signs a friendship has ran its course
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