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No no no no No!

Hey loves! This is just a straight-up rant I wrote at like 3am (yep up all night watching medicore netflix movies) so please excuse any typos!

So ok I have really thick coarse curly hair right, which takes a lot of strength, energy, and time away from watching some of my favorite Netflix series to style it so it’s almost mandatory to have it done professionally. So, I suddenly had to go to Cleveland to handle some business and had no choice but to book an appointment at the last minute. So, I ended up scheduling an appointment at a popular salon near my old neighborhood where I used to live. I never like to do anything with my hair last minute so thank God I already washed and detangled it to the best of my ability. First of all, when you arrive at any salon everyone stares holes in you and its maaad uncomfortable, but whatever. So they set me up with this stylist who seemed nice when I watched her from afar but that quickly changed when I sat in her chair. “Hi how you doin?” I said just being cordial like normal and she didn’t say nuthin back just went right for my hair and started combing it and then asked me what I was getting done. It could have been maybe she was in a rush but she sure was taking her time with the client right before me.

The woman to woman scan  🙄

Throughout the entire process, it was an awkward silence and made the overall experience really uncomfortable. There were a few moments when she seemed cool commenting on how thick my hair is which is the truth so most people can’t help but comment on it. However, the energy changed which I believe greatly contributed to the continuing silence when she asked me where I bought my hair from. She had already kinda been doing that woman to woman scan that us females do when we are comparing which I think is very toxic. “From Toronto,”  I said. “From where?” she said. Again I said I got the hair from Toronto.

I was agitated at this point

“No, what hair store you get it from?” and she made sure to emphasize hair store. I was so agitated by now. I was getting a sew-in so I had some hair that I had purchased a while back from this hair store called Clore’ in Toronto where I currently reside. “I got it from Clore beauty supply in Toronto in Canada.” I made sure to emphasize Can-a-da. I didn’t say Toronto, Ontario because that clearly wasn’t going to register in her brain lol she woulda probably kicked me outta her chair at that point lol. Then she asked how much it was, made more comments about it, long story short, I ended up telling her I live there. So she was like “Oh,” and stopped talking to me almost completely at that point until she needed to.

Why you all up in mine???

I can tell she had some kinda weird problem with me from the beginning and she was checking out my purse and shoes a lot more now after I told her I lived in Toronto and I even caught her eyeing what I was doing on IG like dang really lady? I hate to say someone is jealous or insecure but I really didn’t get it! The next time she spoke was about clipping my ends. “I think you need your ends clipped.” In my mind I was like hell no no way! NO no no no NO absolutely not. You not cutting off all my hair crazy insecure lady! “Really I do?” I said looking at her with that “Ti Ti” meme face. Also, my ends had just been trimmed so she was really reaching. When she was done curling my hair I paid her, got the hell outta there and didn’t look back. Moral of this story is, don’t let anybody clip your ends when they have an attitude lol no but really just love yourself and be confident. Everybody got their own thing going on so just learn to be encouraging and embrace other people’s differences. She don’t know I coulda been some kind of connect for her but now she lost that opportunity.

But foreal don’t let nobody clip your ends if they have an attitude…lol


No no no no No!
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