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Wanna lose weight? lose criticism first

Here we go with this again….

 This new journey to lose weight or get fit is an exciting time. Maybe we wanna look like what we see on our timeline (let’s be real) so we go ahead and buy the cleanse, the food, pretty much all we think we need and here we go.

Stop Stressing

My relaxation kit

My biggest issue is that I retain a lot of water so I get hella discouraged when my stomach is the same size it was still after 8lbs of weight loss. Additionally, I found the more stressed I got the more I started to crave the wrong things.

Don’t focus on just one body part

With warm water and honey-anti bloat formula

I look like a pregnant stick figure and it’s incredibly frustrating. However, I noticed when I start just focusing on my overall well being (I know we hate hearing this but its truth) my body naturally pulls stress away from my tummy my main problem area.

Be Calm…

Meditation and Prayer changed me. You will be surprised the effect the mind has on the body. Truth is our bodies respond better when we’re calmer. Trust me if all you focus on is the outer then all you’re gonna do is head down a dangerous path of discouragement.

 You should sleep more

Go to bed at a decent hour and you will see how sleeping just 2 hours longer can do wonders for your body. It will improve your mental health,  your mood, and your overall well being.

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Wanna lose weight? lose criticism first
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