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How to get back in shape after vacation

Vacation’s over šŸ™ It’s time to hop right back into it! No waiting, no making up excuses. Sometimes it can take a couple days to get back into it so here’s a quick post on how to whip right back into your fitness routine.

First thing you do

Set a reminder on your phone to start your workout routine before you go on vacation so when you get back you will get that alert on your phone. I have my alert saying something sassy like “you want that body right?” or “you want that dress don’t you?” Lol, reinforcing things actually work. Do this while you are on vacation or before you leave for vacation.

What you must do

Please please pleaseĀ have your diet plan already structured before you leave on vacation. I know for myself I find it very hard to get back in

Fitness Plan

the swing of things after vacation so when I make my plans before I come back it’s so much easier to stick to. Fitness plans are so much easier to create nowadays and a lotĀ of them you can find online for free. I use PinterestĀ a lot for mine and its been working out really well.

What you don’t do

Don’t do a full grocery shopping trip before because most of the stuff you need will spoil

Wait to buy produce

like yourĀ fruits and vegetables. I recommend getting all the other groceries like cereal, and trail mix you know stuff that takes a long time to expire. Wait to buy those after you come back and you will have knocked out at least half the stuff you need. If you’re like me I hateĀ grocery shopping so if I can break it up I will.

Enjoy your vacation with no regrets

Caribbean Cooler

Enjoy your vacation, however, avoid completely gorging yourself. I recently went on a cruise and all the food was very hard to resist but I swearĀ I drank water the entire time! I did have a few martinis here and there but not every day. I wanted to enjoy myself and IĀ did gain some weight which is expected on vacation but I made sure to keep tabs on the amount of damage

Coconut water

I was doing.


Hope this helps!


How to get back in shape after vacation
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