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Trendy Gift Ideas

Its the Holiday season and there is nothing like sweet potato pie, mac and cheese, and candied yams, all that and everything else that goes with it. It’s nothing wrong with indulging during the holidays but its still good to try and keep it together! I know its hard even when it comes to buying gifts and let’s face it we’re not kids anymore so gift cards and money is usually everybody’s go to. But for those who want to get a bit more creative, here are a few trendy gift ideas I think you might like 🙂

An electronic fork ❓  ❓  What does it do ❓


It’s the world’s first electronic fork! This is the smart fork that coaches you in healthier eating habits. It lights up and vibrates when you are eating too fast. You can also pair this with your smartphone by connecting it via Bluetooth to check how long it took you to eat your meal ( the number of servings) HOW COOL
Download the Hapifork app available on ios or Android.


Needed these a looong time ago!
Seems so much easier to workout with! These are probably the most comfortable dumbbells I’ve seen. They are perfectly balance making your workout less awkward and more efficient.

Custom Yoga Mat

For the Yogi’s  🙂
Such a cute idea! I have a yoga mat but its not as cute as this. This makes me wanna finally stick to a yoga routine. You can actually customize it and write anything you want. These would make awesome gifts 🙂

Cool Right??  😎


Trendy Gift Ideas
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