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GoodBye 2017!

Good Riddens!! This was a tough year for a lot of people. A lot of highs and lows. I lost some really close family members which still seems so surreal to me. I truly miss them. On a more positive note, I learned a lot, made some really cool friends and met some really interesting people that really have added to my life. I’m trying to focus on the positive but it will be a lot easier once this year is gone. As for relationships I have gained and lost. I don’t mean physically loss but connections. It sucks when friendships start to exist as a formality.  So I’m asking myself the following in no particular order:

What you gonna do differently in terms of fitness?

Create a food and fitness plan follow it stick to it as best I can and then don’t think about it. Keep it simple as that. That way I’m more likely to stick to it. If you constantly think about it you’re more likely to fall off.

What you gonna do differently in terms of friendship?

Nothing… If you’ve known me for over a year and we still cool then I must be doing something right.

What I will do differently in terms of my body image

Again don’t think about it. It’s a waste of time. It is what it is I know what I need to improve. The changes I want to see will happen if I stick to my plan. No sense spending time thinking about it, that wastes time.

People misusing hashtags …whatever post what you want #Random

#islay #slay# #grindin #facts-my favorite 🙄 and its a selfie of them driving or a viral meme that they should be aware their audience has seen already. So funny..but does it really bother me?? Nope.. that’s social media. I’m too focused to care about what other people post.

People love to see you build… until you actually start building

They seem happy for you “that’s good” “that’s whats up!” They see you post inspirational things from time to time and like your pictures but maybe…your follower count goes up…maybe you aren’t as accessible as you once were. People say they wanna see you build but don’t understand what it takes to really do it until they start themselves.

What will I do differently in terms of my mental health

Think positive and don’t hold grudges. I like to think I don’t do this but when someone does something I don’t like I tend to put them in a category, that I will stop doing immediately. I will also pray, meditate, and fast more. This is very important. Giving God my undivided attention well…my life depends on it.

Autonomy is ok in moderation

Sometimes you need to tuck yourself away to get things done…but for how long?? You’re gonna need to come up for air at some point.


GoodBye 2017!
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1 thought on “GoodBye 2017!

  1. Indeed, 2017 was a very challenging, yet awakening year for me.. I am looking forward to posit I’ve outcomes in transformation journey…Consistency, Focus, determined and making it happen!

    Love your post.

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