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Signs you need a life coach!

You’ve tried everything you know

You often seek the help of your friends and family but they, for the most part, tell you the same thing but in different ways. Maybe you want to start your own business but the only way you know how to is by going back to school. You can educate yourself in other ways in addition to going to school but well..you don’t. You know that starting your own business obviously takes money so you think the way to solve that is by getting a small business loan. Basically, you only value common information that everyone already knows, because you hardly seek out new information.

Your comfort zone is killing you

To be blunt, you’re uneducated, set in your ways and just stuck. Ouch! You stay in your comfort zone only reaching out for help that’s easy for you to get to. The other problem is that you don’t challenge yourself which is a big problem. Close minded people are like rats in cages, it’s quite sad to see talent go to waste because you’d rather follow inspiring people on Instagram instead of reading an inspiring book. If you don’t have an open mind, don’t challenge yourself, and expect to build something, don’t expect it to work.

Whose holding you accountable?

When you don’t really have anyone to hold you accountable and you are out of touch with your resources, then honey.. you might need a life coach. Don’t be ashamed there is nothing wrong with seeking professional guidance. Sometimes we don’t have the right connections and don’t know the right way to make new ones so hiring someone who is certified that can give you unbiased guidance can really benefit your life.

“I’m not trying to spend the money.”

Well, you were going to spend the money on school, weren’t you? How do you know if you even need to go to school for the particular business you are trying to start? Not saying don’t go to school, but research and READ first before you start dropping a whole lot of cash. If your goal is to start a business but you lack a clear vision, a life coach could be a great tool in helping to shape your vision.

Choosing a life coach

I’ve considered this myself and I do understand that choosing a life coach can be a major decision both emotionally and financially so definitely take your time researching if you are thinking of hiring one. Some life coaches have expertise in specific areas so do choose according to who best fits your situation. Here are a few of my favorite life coaches and mentors: Cara Alwill Leyba-Style your mind, Valorie Burton, Eric Thomas (ET), Gary V, and Koereyelle-Confessions of a WERKaholic

Don’t be embarrassed we all need help sometimes! Even some of the most powerful people have coaches  🙂

Signs you need a life coach!
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