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Issa Rae’s hair redefines versatility

Fabulous and innovative is what I think of when it comes to Miss Issa Rae. I pretty much have adopted her as that favorite older cousin that we all have that kick it with us every now and then. Miss Rae is not afraid to try new things and a lot of that credit is given to her hair stylist Felicia Leatherwood. Some of these styles just gives me so much life and hope for my own thick curly natural hair. With natural hair, the possibilities are endless and Issa does it so effortlessly.

She Slays ❗


Crown fit for a queen


Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic

Ooh la la

Issa Rae’s stylist who has styled many well known black celebrities mentioned via her Instagram had this to say about why she loves working with Issa’s hair so much.

” Lot’s of DM’s and emails about this hairdo its called  “I made this sh*#t up!” @issarae’s hair let’s me do that and I love her hair for it!”

I love stylist who has such as respect and admiration for kinky natural hair. She does use her imagination and just makes it werk! We could sure use a lot more Felicia leatherwood’s these days!

Gotta love the versatility of black hair!

Issa Rae’s hair redefines versatility
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