Tips for Aspiring Writers

So you wanna be a writer? Part 1

So you wanna be a writer? Here’s the honest to God, swear on my life, on everything I luv truth!

Number 1 

If you don’t write at least every other day then you need to start. Most writers who write professionally journalists, novelists, songwriters, bloggers, most likely write every day. It’s a difference in behaviors between saying “I love to write” and “I want to be a writer.” If you wanna be a writer you need to have a “I write because I must!” type of attitude.

Number 2

For women, this step is the hardest because some things will have to come second in your life. As women, we often have a lot of priorities like our hair, trying to keep our bodies together, etc. You will have to be ok with not looking your best sometimes. Writing is very time-consuming so you must find a way to prioritize it before other things like you may not be able to dedicate your time to looking like an Instagram model anytime soon, just sayin 😕

Number 3

Turn everything into a reason to write and just make a story out of everything. Like just the other day I was at the drug store and while checking out, I saw an interesting heading on a magazine that seemed like a great topic for a blog post. You can pull inspiration from literally anywhere.


You have to have to haaaave to be ok with being exposed! If you’re shy, you love to write and want to make a living doing it then knock it off. I have always been a very private person but when I started taking writing seriously I had to really reassess my reasons for being so private.

Write every day, prioritize, be confident and be afraid of nothing or no one!


So you wanna be a writer? Part 1
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