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Writing Tips: Why you can’t stop anyone from copying you

Get used to it 

It happens to the best of us. Some may consider it a compliment or the highest form of flattery but I find it to be very problematic when you’re trying to build a brand. If you are a good at what you do, you should expect to be copied to some degree. It happens in music, dance, art, writing, and often in blogging. Even the most talented writers steal so, get used to it.

Writers are encouraged to copy other writers

You may have heard before that the best copycat wins and well, yes that is true. Borrowing is quite common; even some of the world’s best writers and artists have copied others. They take all the inspiration they can get from anywhere and use it to create a style of their own. Just be careful not to plagiarize because that is almost impossible to come back from.

You can protect yourself

Of course, you can copyright your work but it won’t stop people from taking that story or idea and rebranding it somehow. As as a writer, this bothered me a lot so I signed up for a service called smash copyright which covered all of your writing for only $100 a month -the service now no longer exists. However, did you know that your work is automatically copyrighted from the time your work is created?  More on copyright here.

as possible

It’s ok to repurpose content (paraphrasing, editing, please use a thesaurus! 🙄 ) Just try and be as creative as possible. If you are a good writer, this means you are also a content creator, strategist, curator, artist, and illustrator. Yes, we are all these things, and don’t ever let anybody put you in a box!


Writing Tips: Why you can’t stop anyone from copying you
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