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To whom it may concern

Dear Reader,

When God is in the midst of you your priorities change. You will change and so will people. They will notice and go one way or the other and you will need to eventually accept their separation from you. This may seem tough but sacrifice is necessary to truly embrace the blessings that will come your way. Change can be stressful as well as the fear that comes with any type of major change in one’s life. You will find that sometimes you must destroy your palace to build a kingdom, that is indeed worth the sacrifice. So not to worry when God is in the midst of you your territory will enlarge.

Now when you look at the meaning of midst, it simply states “in the middle of”  the center, heart, or core. Most problems usually start at the core so when God is in your core, not only will your foundation be stronger but the same problems will never be a factor again. They will be replaced with joy, happiness, love, peace etc, etc in the midst of you. When he is in the midst you usually do not experience the same issues. Of course, problems and difficulty will arise they are apart of our journey but if God is in the midst of you, you handle things differently and become far more resilient. Now let’s elaborate further about the importance of God being in the midst and not just near you or around you. If you put on a Band-Aid or you are covering a wound, you will not put the bandage near the wound you would want to cover the entire affected area. In some cases, if the wound is really bad you may want to add antibiotic ointment and this is where the Holy Spirit comes in. Really this should not be optional on any wound you would apply ointment and a Band-Aid.

When God is in the midst of you, things may become more difficult at times or should I say more challenging but what is remarkable about this is that your feelings no longer match the difficulty of the situation. Anxiety and fear cannot exist within the same vessel if God is in the midst. You will no longer be so sensitive to people’s opinions about you. For how much more is a person’s validation worth than God’s? When God is in the mist of you he is also in the midst of your situation or problem so your problem or people’s opinions of you don’t stand a chance. No matter what it is it will become easier to keep your cool. You will soon come to realize who you really are and finally who you are becoming. This is indeed what the enemy doesn’t want but that is another story. May God always be in the midst of you.




To whom it may concern
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