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Carnival vs Royal Caribbean

Royal Carribean musical theatre

I just got to write about this because I never thought I would like cruises. I always said I would never go on a cruise because I didn’t like the idea of being stuck out on the water but now I highly recommend them! Sorry, this may be kinda biased.

Royal Carribean

Royal Caribbean rock climbing wall

A bit on the pricey side but it was huge basically the size of a large mall! There were a lot of high-end stores like Michael Kors, kate spade, a ton of fancy restaurants(which were not included) and high-end merchandise. They had everything from rock climbing, a movie theatre, to merry go rounds on this ship but to be all the way 100, I think Royal Carribean is more for an older crowd though. We barely saw anybody our own age and the music was mostly 70’s and 80’s covered by live bands 🙄 yep.  Anybody that is born in the eighties or younger would probably not really enjoy it. There were some good destinations like the boat docked at places like Cozumel, Labadee Hati, and Jamacia which was a good time.

However, Royal Carribean was more centered on shopping even the ports that they dropped us off at were mainly money grabs. If we wanted to go to the beach we would have had to take a taxi which was pretty pricey and that left a bad taste in my mouth. Overall I still enjoyed myself it was low key and very peaceful at times. I also liked the room we had which was tiny but had a balcony with an ocean view which was good enough for me  🙂


I loved carnival the food was better, the entertainment was better, and so were the destinations! Carnival is more of a party ship so the clubs and music were popping way more than Carnival. The food for some reason tasted better too. I don’t know what was going on with Royal Carribean’s food because I hate to say this but their food sucked! My husband actually found bugs in his food and I made sure to tell them that in the survey they emailed me.

half moon cay

I never really do surveys but on that one, I sounded off lol. I loved Carnival’s choice of destinations like half moon Cay which is an island owned by Carnival, St Thomas, Grand Turk, San Juan, and final destination was Miami. What I noticed was one of the main differences between Carnival and Royal Caribbean is that Royal Carribean dropped us off right in the midst of shopping while Carnival dropped us off at the beach and I liked that much better.

Sorry, I wish I had more pics of Carnival! I was having so much fun I got lost in it!  But I hope this is somewhat helpful. I know you can tell that I’m leaning more towards carnival but I gots to keep it real for ya  😉

Carnival vs Royal Caribbean
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