Maria was born and raised in Cleveland Ohio. She has a very creative background that ranges from video production and scriptwriting to graphic design and content writing. Maria is a devoted wife, Jesus lover, dreamer, stargazer, tech lover, foodie, and a writer at heart

“Be so happy that when other people look at you, they become happy too” ūüôā

I want one soooo bad!

A little more about Me

Who writes your content? 

Me! I write all my own content¬†ūüėÄ These are all original ideas.¬†If you are interested in contributing content for my blog please contact me via email.

So whats your process?

I want to give people content they can actually benefit from so I spend a lot of time researching for my blogs to maintain the integrity of my articles. In particular, I perform the most extensive research on all articles related to health, beauty, and fitness to ensure the quality of the content. I sometimes do my own SEO which is also a lot of work and can be very exhausting but necessary. 

Are these your pictures? Did you design your own blog?

Some of the pictures are mine, others I’ve either obtained the rights to or photoshopped. My blog is a ran by WordPress and managed by myself and my full stack developer¬†

Whats your educational background?

My background is very diverse. I have a degree in film and digital media from Cleveland State University and a post-grad degree in Interactive media management from Centennial college in Toronto, Ontario Canada. My film and digital media degree I don’t use often anymore but comes in handy when I am working with video production and editing. My interactive media degree I do use the most. This program focused on¬†Digital and content strategy, blogging, UX design (user experience) Interactive storytelling analytics and project management (grant charts, budgets, project planning, agile methodology) and I try to follow these principals¬†when blogging and to help develop my brand.

Are you a health and fitness expert?

No, and I definitely don’t want to come off as one. I am just a huge advocate in eating healthy and maintaining a healthy lifestyle and I make sure to do heavy research and interview the necessary¬†parties to bring my readers quality content and accurate information. I do not play when it comes to the content I write I love what I do and care about my audience. I also love to inspire¬†people and as I said before I like to add to a person’s life. I however if I was crazy enough to go back to school, I would be a life or health coach and possibly¬†go back for my certification as a holistic nutritionist and somehow try to merge all this with my creative degrees. Crazy¬†right? But it can be done¬†¬†ūüôā