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Meet Maria

Maria is a published author and formally trained writer from Cleveland, Ohio who has worked in a variety of industries as a writer and content creator for nearly 10 years in both the US and Canada. She spent the bulk of that time in Toronto, Ontario Canada where she received her Master's degree in Interactive Media Management, a creative discipline that focused on writing and designing across different platforms.

God in the Details is here!

God in the details is a powerful book that provides a biblically based response to New Age principles that are extending into the lives of Christian women specifically women who are in entrepreneurial spaces. This book respectfully, is a tool for women to use to help them build their brands and businesses while exposing truths about New Age principles, Self reliance, Idols, and other small ideals that often trip us up as believers. 

"I wrote this book primarily for Christian women because I believe that women are under a very quiet attack when it comes to entrepreneurship, our careers, and trying to build brands. I wrote this book to not only expose the details of these attacks but to provide detailed information of how to properly build their brands while keeping God in the details while doing it."

An Ode to Writers

What does being writer mean to you? It is a broad profession. A writer is a storyteller, content creator, author, director, an artist of sorts. A good writer is the reason you consistently consume content , the reason you binge watch Netflix for hours and hours, writers keep you up at night. Writers can make you fall in love, break up, make up, writers are the reason dinner and a movie or Netflix and chill ever became a thing.

Good writers will bring you out of the house - even during a pandemic. Yet, we are so underappreciated and underpaid but so necessary. The impact we have on the world cannot be denied. Writers are the beginning, middle, and the end. We are a gift, an inspiration, writers change the world.

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